What is a frontend developer?

Afbeelding What is a frontend developer?

A frontend developer deals with the front of online websites, webshops, but also programs and apps. A frontend developer is also called a frontent programmer or a frontend developer. He therefore ensures that the design that visitors to the website see works well with the code language at the back of the website. All applications are expected by users to look attractive, but at the same time also work in a nice way. This issue is often solved by a frontend developer.

What is the meaning of front-end?

Frontend refers to that sharing of a website, webshop, program or app that visitors eventually see. More common terms for frontend are, for example, UI (User Interface) or user interface. The design for a website or one of the other applications is therefore merged with a technical back end, which ensures that it works well together.

What is the difference with back-end?

There are also things that need to happen at the back of a website. Unlike the frontend, the back-end is not visible to users. This can often be arranged via dashboards or management pages that are hidden behind a website, webshop or other application. To ensure a good integration of both components, frontend developers often work together with backend developers.

What exactly does a frontend developer do?

A frontend developer is therefore engaged in developing, testing, programming and implementing the visible part of a website. They ensure that a website is technically well put together, but is also easy for visitors to use. For this they use multiple coding languages, each of which contributes their own to a good frontend. Think of programming languages such as HTML, Javascript or CSS. There are specific activities that a frontend developer can deal with:

  • Optimizing the loading times of a website on a computer, mobile and tablet
  • Determine which management system works best for a particular website. a choice is made between providers such as WordPress, Joomla! or similar providers
  • Elaboration and development of issues on technical aspects
  • Further developing a site or app with new features
  • SEO: improving the findability of an application in search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Possible issues during the work of a frontend developer can be:

  • What is the best way to build a Content Management System template?
  • How do I create a design that adapts well to the device on which it is used?
  • How will I shape the Document Type Definition of this application?
  • How do I deal with differences between all kinds of browsers, such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari?
  • Are my applications easy to find in search engines? Is the SEO of these applications ok?

How do you become a frontend developer?

You can become a frontend developer by choosing a specific field of study that has something to do with computers, design and programming. Examples of such studies may include the following:

  • Computer science (both hbo and wo)
  • Computer Science (Wed only)
  • Computer Science (both hbo and wo)
  • Front-end developer (shortened hbo program for retraining, for example)
  • In addition to a technical background, you need to have more to offer for work as a frontend developer. It is also about solving problems and being able to develop new applications in a creative and user-friendly way. Often frontend developers are specialists in one or a few programming languages. This, like previous experience, is asked about in a job interview.

Where can I find a frontend developer?

Frontend developers can end up in multiple places in the labor market. They do belong to the ICT department by default. Frontend developers can become permanent employees of a large company, which requires the development of their websites, apps or programs as standard. In addition, a frontend developer can also work as a freelancer to carry out various one-off assignments for smaller employers.

Finally, recruitment agencies can recruit frontend programmers and then staff them. Are you immediately looking for help from a frontend developer from a digital agency? Do not hesitate and contact us, we can help you further!

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