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Afbeelding iFrames in WordPress

If you want to show a website within your own website, it is nice if visitors do not have to leave your website. If you leave your website, there is a chance that visitors will not return, and of course you don’t want that. By using iFrames in WordPress you can prevent visitors from leaving your website! One technology you can use for this is iFrames.

What are iFrames?

An iFrame is in fact an ‘inline frame’ that is used to load an HTML file within a web page. Actually, an iFrame is a screen on your website that shows a piece of content from another website. A HTML document within another HTML document. All this within your own website, without the visitor noticing that he is at that moment on another website.

Visitor stays on your page

If a visitor realizes this, he will not experience this as annoying, by using iFrames you just stay on your page and you don’t have to return to it if you come from another page, for example by logging in again. iFrames is a beautiful technology that allows your WordPress website to attract even more visitors and make the look of your website even more professional. has experience with implementing iFrames technology and is ready to advise you.

Possibilities iFrames

iFrames offers many possibilities. For example, it is possible to insert maps from Google Maps or play YouTube movies. The advantage of using YouTube movies through iFrames is that you don’t need to have your own media library and you only need to add a link. You can also use iFrames to insert advertisements. The person you are advertising for provides you with a link and you simply add it to your website.

Always up-to-date content

The content that your partner already has available on his website can be accessed with this. An advantage is that your partner probably already maintains this content, because it is directly linked to the source. This means that you don’t have to put a new version on your website every time it is available. If it is updated at the source, it will also be updated on your website via the link.

Social media links with iFrames

You can also easily integrate social media posts on your website. You can also easily integrate social media posts on your website. For example, if you are active on Facebook, where you have a contest, you can easily link this page by using iFrames. Real time and online. The visitor stays on your page, but is linked to Facebook in this case. Depending on your target audience, you can also link to Instagram, for example.

How do you get iFrames into WordPress?

There are several ways you can integrate iFrames into your WordPress website. There are several plugins available that you can start using. For example, if you are just starting to use iFrames then the plugin ‘iFrame‘ is ideal. This is a plugin that is easy to use. A more extensive plugin for using iFrames is the plugin called ‘Advanced iFrame‘. This plugin gives you more features and you can zoom in on the content in the iFrame better.

Divi Module

The Divi Module is an advanced WordPress theme that allows you to easily integrate iFrames into your website. You can do this by using the Divi Builder Modules. For example, you can use the Video Module, with which you can show YouTube videos on your website. By adding a URL for the external video to the module, an iFrame will be added automatically in the background. This way you do not have to type anything else or add any attributes. A fast, user-friendly way to make use of iFrames. With the Code Module you can add your own code to the URL, making it visible as an iFrame on your website.

Total offer on website

iFrames are being used more and more. Many websites use this, so it is a convenient way to take your visitor to another page. But in a way that after this outing, the visitor does come back to you. Convenient to be able to use links to get to your advertisers’ pages to instantly show the most current offers. But also think about an instructional video from a manufacturer that you can also play directly from your page. And by creating links to social media channels, you show a visitor a total overview of everything you have to offer online.

How can you manually install an iFrame?

You can also always insert it manually on the website. Check out our step-by-step plan for this:

  1. Find the source

    For an iFrame, you need a source. For example, this resource could be a video or an application that you want to run on your website. In our case we use:

  2. Go to the WordPress editor

    In the WordPress editor, you can add different ‘blocks’ using the ‘+’.

    Go to code and add the block ‘own html’.

  3. The code for an iFrame

    IFrame codes can look different ways.
    They can start out simple and become very complicated.

    Simple variant:
    < iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”500″/>

    Extended variant:
    < iframe src=”” width=”512″ height=”342″ allow=”fullscreen”></iframe>

    There are other variants that are even more comprehensive, the problem is that these are often too technical.

  4. Save the code and publish

  5. Make sure the iFrame is working properly

    It is necessary to check if the iFrame is responsive enough and if your customizations made it work.

What are the dangers of iFrames?

Critics say the use of iFrames can lead to security problems. This can lead to your website being (temporarily) unavailable, and that’s obviously not what you want. The use of iFrames would also make it easier for hackers to penetrate and do damage from there. The same opponents of iFrame also indicate that search optimization would become more difficult the moment you integrate this technique. Also, “phishing” of user data would be easier when using iFrames.

Let WP maintenance advise you

Still, if you use trusted sources like Facebook, Google and YouTube, you can ensure that you take as little risk as possible. As WPonderhoud, we can give you good advice on this. So that you can use iFrames in a pleasant way, without running any risks.

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