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We can take over the maintenance and security of your WordPress website at favorable prices and for any type of website. Let us take care of your WordPress website today!

  • Secure, fast and up-to-date
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Support by specialists
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Outsource WordPress maintenance

Regular updates are just one part of good WordPress maintenance. Maintenance includes much more, which we as specialists are happy to take off your hands. WordPress website maintenance for small WordPress websites to advanced WooCommerce webshops. We take all the worries out of your hands. Especially if you are financially dependent on a WordPress website, you want to avoid (hidden) errors that prevent visitors from making purchases or contacting you. You want to prevent hacks and maintain results in Google. With maintenance we ensure functionality and security of your website, so you can continue to grow with more profitability.

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WordPress Specialists

We are WordPress specialists and are at your service day and even night for problems and questions. We are specialized in maintenance, security, development and optimization of WordPress websites. We offer targeted solutions for all your questions and challenges regarding WordPress websites and WooCommerce webshops. Our specialists are happy to help you.

  • More than 10 years of experience
  • Deployable for custom plugins and themes
  • UX/UI web design according to your needs
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WordPress Specialisten

WordPress Dashboard


Manage services purchased from our dashboard

When you purchase a service, you get access to our unique dashboard. A dashboard where you can view and manage your services. In addition, we give you valuable information about your SEO status, a nice gift from us.

  • Self-manage all purchased services
  • Stay in control without having to do anything yourself
  • Today’s SEO Checklist with valuable tips and tricks

Website Optimization

Improve the performance of your WordPress website for users and Google. With optimization, we make your website fast and mobile-friendly. This way, your website will perform better and you will quickly see more returns.

  • Get more returns from your website
  • Always a Lighthouse score of 90+
  • Higher ranking in Google through optimization
  • Lightning fast website for lower bounce rate
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WordPress Optimization

WordPress SEO


Rank higher in Google

Get your WordPress website higher in Google results with Search Engine Optimization. That’s what everyone would like. Unfortunately, this is not easily achievable for every subject or industry. Are you in a competitive industry? Then it makes sense to leave this work to us. Do you have little to no competitors? Then you can improve your online findability yourself with our checklist on your own!

  • Free search traffic to your website
  • More profitable and secure vs. advertising (SEA)
  • More confident than advertising (SEA)
  • Get started with our checklist
  • Or outsource work to us via our dashboard
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WordPress Maintenance without worry by WPmaintenance.com

Get complete peace of mind on all issues related to your WordPress website. Take no more risk of being hacked, or going offline due to overdue maintenance. We have the know-how to safeguard your business model or informative website and guarantee online accessibility.

  • Never stress about the workability of your website again
  • Manual and controlled periodic updates
  • A unique accessibility to our support
  • As little as €15 p/month, customized package also possible!
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WordPress Onderhoud

WordPress Dashboard


Your WordPress website hack-free and clean again

WordPress website hacked? Don’t worry. We make your website hack-free within 24 hours. We restore the website and make sure you are optimally protected against future hacks.

  • Guaranteed hack-free within a short time
  • Preventive security after the solution
  • No long waits, response within 4 hours
  • Hacked? One-time fee of €280 to get up and running again
  • Do you already have a premium package? Then it’s 100% free
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WordPress Support

In addition to maintenance and related services, we also offer support on all questions surrounding WordPress. As WordPress professionals, we work daily to secure various WordPress websites from malicious parties. We offer also solutions for fast hosting, e-commerce and search engine optimization. This way you have a total solution for everything around your WordPress website.

  • Simple or complex questions, we answer them quickly
  • Urgent problems are quickly resolved
  • Reachable via chat, email, phone and support ticket
  • Even without a subscription you can call on a specialist
  • 14 day trial subscription
  • Free and cancellable
  • Profit directly

Simone van Heumen

Founder platform

I had a technical question about a plugin that was suddenly removed. Fortunately, someone at the chat was there for me! I got a solution right away, thanks!

Amelia Cabal


I no longer have to worry about all the updates in WordPress and backups. Wonderful!

Huseyin Murad Önal

Owner of driving school

Assignments in the best conditions were completed. Very satisfied with our websites.

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