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In addition to its ease of use, a CMS can also be a block on your leg when it comes to problems such as errors after updates, a block that is no longer properly in the middle, texts that fall over each other and so on. We as WordPress specialists always know how to deal with this regardless of what problem you run into.

  • Error messages with e.g. 500 error codes
  • Cosmetic errors such as a muddled layout after an adjustment
  • Fix a misconfiguration with another system
  • And all other problems

  • Veilig, snel en up-to-date
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Support van specialisten
WordPress Solutions

Problems with WordPress

Every WordPress user has had problems with the popular installation. The severity and the species is often very varied and sometimes even unique. You get a problem with your WordPress installation with a misstep in, for example, updating your WordPress or not updating at all, a programming error, too many plugins et cetera.

How do you solve a WordPress problem?

To solve a problem, you first need to know what the cause is. Is it a plug-in? Or is it a programming error? Think carefully about the possible cause.

  1. Try deactivating all plugins and activating them 1-by-1 until the problem recurs. That way, you’ll find the plugin that’s causing problems.
  2. Didn’t find the problem? Then switch themes.
  3. If logging in to WordPress is not successful, you can rename the folder ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ to ‘/plugins-1/’ in the FTP. That way you deactivate all plug-ins. This way you may be able to log in again.
  4. Still not? Also deactivate the folder ‘/themes/’ by renaming this folder to ‘/themes-1/’. Don’t forget to eventually rename both folders back to their original state.

Tried everything yet?

Try restoring a backup. You may lose some data, but that may be bridgeable. Didn’t make a backup? Then we have another challenge. Call us in and we will come up with a suitable solution.

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