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Customizing the footer in WordPress is possible by placing content or widgets via ‘View > Widgets’ in the dashboard. A footer is the bar at the very bottom of the website. Here you can put useful information. This way you create a completely personal website. If you want to know how to add or customize a footer in WordPress, read on.

A footer is a bar at the very bottom of the website. At the top of the site is the header and on the sides you can see the sidebars. At the bottom, this is the footer. You can decide for yourself what you do with a footer. On many websites, for example, you will see links to other parts of the site. You can also place contact data here. It is even possible to add images to this.

A footer is less noticeable than a header, but not necessarily less important. Visitors will see the footer when they have come to the bottom of an article. So this is a good opportunity to provide more information or link to other parts of the site.

You can fully customize a footer yourself. So you decide for yourself what visitors will see here. Here the complete process is explained step by step.

Log in to your website

Before you can change anything on your WordPress website, you will first have to log in. You can do this via the login page. If you are not logged in, you can only view the website from the outside.

Click widgets or menu

Via the dashboard you will find an option on the left with ‘widgets’. This is where you want to go. With this option you can add and adjust widgets in all kinds of places on the website. The widget areas that are available may vary by theme. If there is no option to adjust the footer in the widget menu, you will first have to change this at the theme page.

Select a column

The footer is divided into three different columns. You can choose to place something different in each column. You will have to do this step by step. So, for example, first start on ‘footer left’ to be able to adjust the left column.

Open the widget area

To customize the footer, click on the column you want to start with. You can do this by clicking on the sign behind ‘footer links’.

Change the widget

You can now add a widget to the footer. You’ll see all available widgets on the left side of the website. You can drag a widget to the widget area. When you choose the text widget, you can also immediately add text to it.

Save changes

When you are satisfied with the widget you have placed in the footer, you can save changes. You do this at the bottom of the box.

You can now hopefully add and customize a footer yourself. When you need help with this, you can call in a WordPress expert. WordPress experts can help you with all kinds of problems you encounter when you create a WordPress site.

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