WordPress Maintenance packages

WordPress Maintenance packages

Due to the developments and dependence on websites, it is important to maintain your website properly. You therefore have less time to focus on your business while your website becomes increasingly more important to you. We are engaged in the daily maintenance of WordPress websites and webshops, so we are completely familiar with this.

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Wordpress Onderhoudspakketten

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Advantages of a maintenance package:

Regular WordPress security updates
Both your CMS system itself and the plugins and themes are updated. Any issues encountered during updates are promptly resolved.

Regular backups
In case something goes wrong, regular backups of your files and database are made. This ensures that important information is almost never lost.

Support and tasks
You can always get in touch with questions regarding your WordPress website. This way, you're never completely on your own.

Through the reports, you gain insight into what your website is doing. This allows you to clearly see where you can still improve and grow.

What customers are saying:

Richard de Graaf

Owner webshop

I've had the premium maintenance package for 1.5 years now, and it's been working well for me. No news is good news. The reports provide me with a nice overview that a lot is happening behind the scenes, even though I don't receive any alerts. Great job, guys!

Simone van Heumen

Founder platform

I had a technical question about a plugin that was suddenly removed from my website. I stumbled upon a helpful article on your site, but I couldn't figure it out yet. Fortunately, someone was available on the chat right away! I got a solution immediately, thanks!

Ivonne van Schoonhoven

Founder platform

Last week, I purchased a maintenance package because my website was loading slowly and hadn't been updated in a long time. Despite the holidays, I was assisted promptly, and my website is now clean and faster than it was before.


Owner Callcenter

Optimized website for speed, but couldn't achieve it with CDN. However, that's not on them, as the site is already fast enough without CDN. Very satisfied with the collaboration, and communication was excellent.

Theorie Bank

Driving school

We needed maintenance for our WordPress websites, and they provided more than enough top-notch service.

Mohamed El Boayadi

Owner webshop

They're top-notch! Ever since wpmaintenance has been maintaining my website, it hasn't been hacked even once. Now I can truly focus on sales instead of solving website issues.

4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 8 reviews)
Very good12%

Top werk

12 May 2020

Ik heb inmiddels 1,5 jaar het premium onderhoudspakket en bevalt goed. Geen bericht is goed bericht. De rapportages geven mij een mooi overzicht dat er toch veel gebeurt ondanks ik verder geen waarschuwingen ontvang. Top werk jongens!

Richard de Graaf

Optimalisatie dienst

11 February 2020

Website laten optimaliseren voor snelheid, echter lukte het niet met CDN. Maar dat ligt niet aan hun buiten dat is de site zonder CDN al snel genoeg. Erg tevreden met de samenwerking en de communicatie was uitstekend! Bedankt!


Prima support

30 January 2020

Ik had een technisch vraagje over een plugin die plotseling verwijderd was van mijn website. Ik kwam op een handig artikel van jullie site terecht, maar kwam er nog niet uit. Gelukkig stond er gelijk iemand bij de chat voor me klaar! Ik heb gelijk een oplossing meegekregen, bedankt!

Simone van Heumen

Vlotte afhandeling

2 January 2020

Vorige week een onderhoudspakket afgenomen omdat mijn website traag opende en al lange tijd niks is geupdate. Ondanks de feestdagen ben ik snel geholpen en is mijn website weer schoon en sneller dan dat hij was. Erg blij mee!

Ivonne van Schoonhoven

Professionele dienstverlening

2 November 2019

Handig die wekelijkse rapportages.

Ik zie snel en overzichtelijk de groei van mijn website en webshop.

Thomas Kukabango

Comparing WordPress website maintenance packages.

As a business owner, having a website is crucial, but what many people don't know or underestimate is that maintaining the website might be even more important! Yes, you read that correctly: a website needs maintenance. This applies even if the website is built using WordPress. That's why various maintenance packages for WordPress are offered nowadays. We'd like to explain why maintenance packages are beneficial for you and what you should consider when choosing one.

In all of our packages.

WordPress website maintenance

It is important that your WordPress website is well-maintained. The CMS is continuously improved, and therefore regular updates are released. Sometimes these are small updates, but sometimes they are also significant major updates that you shouldn't miss. Think, for example, of updates related to the security of your website. If you don't perform these updates regularly, you run the risk of Google considering your website unsafe or, even worse, your website getting hacked. Due to its popularity, WordPress is a small paradise for hackers. This could cost you your visitor numbers and, consequently, customers.

  • No more stress about the functionality of your website.
  • Manual and controlled periodic updates.
  • A unique accessibility to our support.
  • Starting from €15 per month, custom package also possible!
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Important for Google and your visitor

WordPress website optimize

Unfortunately, maintaining a WordPress website isn't just about performing updates. It's also important to focus on optimizing the WordPress website.

Optimizing a WordPress website is a time-consuming task, but not one that you can simply neglect. The loading speed of your website is, in fact, a crucial factor for search engine ranking. Google favors user-friendly websites, and loading time is a part of that. Furthermore, user-friendliness has a significant impact on a positive visitor experience. The better the user experience, the higher the likelihood of conversions. And ultimately, this translates to increased revenue.

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