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Website visitors drop out if your WordPress website has to load too long and that will cost you (potential) customers. Google also prefers fast websites. The search engine even takes the speed of your website into account in the ranking. WordPress hosting plays an important role in this and largely determines the success of your WordPress website.

  • Hoge performance WordPress hosting
  • Vakkundig support bij alle vragen
  • Snelle levering binnen enkele uren
  • Managed webhosting voor complete ontzorging
WordPress Hosting

Onze hostingpakketten

WPOnderhoud biedt in het premium pakket gratis webhosting aan. Wil je geen omkijken naar jouw WordPress website hebben? Bekijk hieronder onze webhostingpakketten. Liever hogere performance webhosting? Ga dan voor Savvii. Je ontvangt van ons een leuke korting op de pakketten omdat we partner zijn van Savvii.

Premium webhosting van Savvii

Liever voor hogere performance premium WordPress webhosting? Wij zijn partner van Savvii en wij mogen de pakketten wat voordeliger aanbieden. De eerstelijns support en beheer loopt via ons bij Savvii. Wil je een Savvii webhostingpakket? Neem dan even contact met ons op.

Savvii Hosting
Shared One
Geschikt voor kleine websites en webshops
Voor de middelgrote websites en webshops
Voor de drukbezochte middelgrote sites en shops
Geschikt voor grote drukbezochte sites en shops
Reguliere tarieven
€ 35
€ 79
€ 129
€ 229
Incl. korting via ons
€ 29
€ 74
€ 119
€ 215
Soort pakket Shared hosting VPS met SSD VPS met SSD VPS met SSD
Webruimte 10GB opslag 20GB opslag 65GB opslag 160GB opslag
Caching Varnish Varnish & Memcached Varnish & Memcached Varnish & Memcached
Object Caching -
Aantal visits p/m (advies) 20.000 50.000 200.000 500.000
PHP Workers 5 5 10 15
MB's per PHP Worker 256MB 256MB 256MB 256MB
SSH-toegang -

How do you choose a good hosting?

Hosting is one of the most important factors for a fast-running website. But when do you know when you have a good hosting for your WordPress website? That depends on a number of parts of the hosting. For example, there are different types of hosting types, prices, locations and ultimately quality and capacity of the servers.

Different types of hosting

You can go in many directions in terms of hosting, but the best known hosting types are: shared hosting, managed hosting and a special hosting for E-commerce. Which hosting applies to you depends on what kind of website you have and what you ultimately want to do with it.

Server location

The location of your web hosting is also a factor to take into account. You should consider who your users are when choosing a server location. For example, if you only focus on the Dutch market, it is better not to host your website or webshop on a server in America. Why not? Servers in America are far from The Netherlands and can work slower than servers in Europe. Ultimately, this can cause your website to be slower for the visitor in The Netherlands.

If you have users all over the world, you can always choose to add a CDN, content delivery network. This ensures that the WordPress website loads faster. In addition to a faster loading time, the CDN also ensures a better performing website. Are you interested in a CDN? We offer free CDN in our premium package, check out our packages here .

Cost of web hosting

For web hosting, there are different prices. You will probably think: “then I can just choose the cheapest web hosting.” The rule of thumb for choosing a web hosting should actually be: The higher the traffic on your website, the higher the cost of the web hosting.

Quality and capacity

Web hosting is your own piece of storage on a server where you can place your website and store your files, photos and other documents. The choice of hosting for your website depends on the functionalities of your WordPress website. The difference in the web hosting packages is mainly in the size of storage and use.


Standard with a web hosting you get a free SSL security with your first website. Security is needed to preventatively keep hackers out. The last thing you want, of course, is to be hacked. Want to learn more about security? View our security service here .

Complete WordPress web hosting

Do you want to switch to our web hosting or do you want to use our CDN service? We will arrange this completely for you. For us, it’s all about speed, security and providing support. We offer an installation service that automatically installs WordPress for you. This way you do not have to fully immerse yourself in the installation process, but you can immediately focus on creating content. View our maintenance packages for completely unburdening your WordPress website.

Don’t have a website yet that you can put live? Please contact us join us for the development of your WordPress website. Start a live chat, email us on [email protected] or call us on 030 20 72 488.

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