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Quick and effective help from WordPress specialists. Is your WordPress website no longer working properly? Problems with updates? No time for maintenance? Our WordPress specialists and developers can help you! They specialize in building, managing, and maintaining WordPress websites. This way they have a tailor-made solution to every question.

Need help from specialists?

Although WordPress is a very user-friendly CMS, it is not always easy to do everything yourself. A WordPress website is never finished. Once the WordPress website is up and running, the real work begins. You want to attract visitors to your website and unfortunately that does not happen automatically. By constantly working on your website, it will also better match the wishes of the visitors. Time and attention for your WordPress website is therefore crucial.

Things like technical maintenance, optimization, online marketing and updating new content all affect your ranking in Google. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs’ time is quite precious and there are 1001 other tasks on the to-do list. That is why it can be useful to outsource (part of) the technical maintenance and optimization to WordPress specialists and developers. It takes a big burden off your shoulders, because they keep an eye on your website and can help immediately in case of problems.

Benefits of WordPress

WordPress is open source, which means that the software provides free access to the source code and anyone can work on it. As a result, a large community has arisen that is constantly developing the software. See all the benefits of WordPress.

All advantages at a glance

  • WordPress is user-friendly, both beginners and experienced users can work with it.
  • WordPress is up-to-date due to the constant development.
  • WordPress doesn’t have to cost a lot (depending on your needs).
  • WordPress has infinite functionalities through plugins.
  • WordPress websites are responsive or have a mobile variant.
  • WordPress offers opportunities for marketing, allowing you to improve your position in search engines.
  • WordPress is independent, so you are not tied to a party.
  • WordPress offers good support through a large community.

Webdesign by specialists

A WordPress specialist supports you where necessary. Need help from the start? The specialists start by building the framework, but also take into account user-friendliness, speed and search engine friendliness. Your WordPress website has a good basis. Then they continue to set up your website. Of course, the website is tested and monitored before going live.

Only need help from a creative for the design of your website? A WordPress specialist would like to hear your wishes and preferences, and then start designing the website you have in mind. When necessary, the expert will also take into account speed optimization and branding. This way your WordPress website is not only user-friendly, but also focused on conversion.

Maintenance, design and development

Maintenance and optimization of a WordPress website is something you should not neglect. By not maintaining your website, or poorly, the website is no longer up-to-date and therefore unprotected against security holes. This way you run the risk that your website no longer functions optimally or, even worse, that you become a target of internet criminals. This is all easy to prevent, but then it is necessary to give your website constant attention.

Fortunately, in addition to building WordPress websites, WordPress specialists are also involved in maintenance and optimization of the website. They also offer tailor-made websites. Our WordPress experts know all the tips and tricks within their field and no assignment is too crazy. From issues about order forms to ticket sales and solutions for error messages to solutions for WooCommerce.

Your WordPress specialist

Do you need help with WordPress web design or another issue? Contact the specialists of WP Maintenance. We are happy to support you with all issues in the field of WordPress. Get in touch with our WordPress specialists.

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