Akismet anti spam review in WordPress

Afbeelding Akismet anti spam review in WordPress

From this Akismet review, you can see that using Akismet is indispensable for your WordPress website. With the Akismet anti-spam WordPress plugin, you can protect yourself from spam. The self-learning and reliable anti-spam plugin helps take the professionalism of your WordPress website to a new level.

What is spam?

If you often receive unwanted messages, we speak of spam. These posts are mostly of a commercial nature. The most common form of spam is receiving messages telling you that you have won a large amount of money. This could include a new car or a trip to a faraway land that you won. You may also receive an email notifying you that you are entitled to an inheritance, from a distant uncle you had never heard of. You may have received an e-mail from a family member asking you to open a movie. Where it turned out afterwards that this was also spam.

If you have a WordPress website, you are certainly not waiting for spam. It is irritating, annoying and takes time to remove. Fortunately, there is a good anti-spam program for WordPress. Akismet WordPress is a plugin that is widely used against spam. In this Akismet review you can read how this plugin works and why it is a useful tool to fight spam.

How to prevent spam in WordPress?

Spam can enter your WordPress website from the outside through a variety of ways. Often with a commercial message, with a lure or through a misused email account of a business associate. Spam can also be sent from your WordPress website. This can happen when you get hacked, then the hacker takes over your website and the hacker sends spam emails from your WordPress website.

The most annoying thing is when your business contacts think you are sending them spam emails. This is not conducive to your relationships. At first, they will think that you sent these emails yourself. Akismet WordPress can help with this. This program can be used to filter out suspicious emails in your WordPress directly, preventing them from reaching your environment. has experience in preventing spam in a WordPress environment. We are happy to help you provide a spam-free website for you too. See what we do against hackers here and see what we can do to secure your website here .

Akismet anti spam mail plugin

Akismet is an anti spam program for WordPress and is the answer to unwanted messages. If you were not using a spam plugin, you would be inundated with comments and messages on your website.

Akismet Spam Protection

Akismet draait op miljoenen WordPress websites waardoor de software in de loop der jaren steeds beter is geworden. Doordat het programma al jaren draait, herkent het ook steeds beter wat spam is en wat niet. Hierdoor wordt het programma steeds slimmer en komt er steeds minder spam binnen op WordPress websites.

Voordelen van Akismet:

Akismet maakt gebruik van kunstmatige intelligentie en het kan putten uit een enorme database om te bepalen of een bericht geclassificeerd moet worden als spam of juist niet. Hier komt ook de kracht van WordPress in zijn algemeenheid om de hoek kijken. Doordat WordPress open source is, kan en mag iedereen meedenken en meebouwen aan betere software. Hierdoor verschijnen er regelmatig updates op de markt van Akismet waarbij de spamfilter nog weer beter is als de vorige keer. Iedere maand duiken er weer nieuwe spamberichten op. Deze berichten worden vervolgens geclassificeerd als spam, in de eerstvolgende update van Akismet wordt dit meegenomen. Als dit bericht vervolgens weer ergens opduikt, zal de anti-spam software van Akismet dit bericht niet doorlaten.

Akismet works simply

With every new WordPress installation, the plugin Akismet for WordPress is installed by default. This has the advantage that you are protected from spam from the first second. This anti-spam email software for WordPress ensures that you don’t run into spam right at the start, which might cause your website to be taken off the air.

In fact, it may happen that a hacker decides to send thousands of messages per minute to an unsecured WordPress website. If this happens your website will be down in no time. Akismet protects you from this. Akismet works simply. You install the plugin and the program immediately gets to work for you. It protects your WordPress website like a filter, blocking comments and emails that are suspicious.

Askimet for continuity and reliability

Many WordPress websites are the engine of a business. Orders come in on it, employees log on to it to work, and a lot of information is shared on websites. For example, a WordPress website used for trade show announcements is one such example.

If many blogs are also posted on this, which can be responded to, this can become a target for hackers to send spam to. By sending very many messages at once, this can even bring down a website.

Reliability of Akismet

Anti-spam software for WordPress is not a luxury. Because, for example, a site like the one mentioned above in the example should always be available. Just a few hours of downtime can cost a lot of money. And not just money, but reputational damage.

Akismet provides the right protection for this. Anti-spam email software from Akismet recognizes spam because this program can draw from a large database. It only lets reliable messages through which allows WordPress websites to always keep running.

Anti spam email WordPress

Akismet is a self-learning program. By being able to draw on a huge database, the program recognizes spam messages and filters them out. As a user, you can always check the spam messages to see if any have been unfairly blocked.

Of course, this can happen. Marking these posts as ‘not spam‘ here will return them to you. It is wise to do it this way rather than deleting such a post, which is really just a good post. In fact, by marking it as “not spam,” Akismet gets a little smarter again and if the same message arrives at another WordPress website, Akismet can classify it as not spam.

Akismet review summary

In this Akismet anti spam review you have been able to read how Akismet works and how you as a WordPress website owner can make use of it. Akismet is a very useful plugin that allows you to protect yourself from spam. Your WordPress website becomes more professional and you work with reliable, self-learning software.

Millions of WordPress websites run with Akismet and that is precisely the power of this plugin. By gaining more and more experience, by filling the database of suspicious spam more and more, Akismet only gets stronger.

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