Choose a WordPress theme consciously or have your website custom built

Afbeelding Choose a WordPress theme consciously or have your website custom built

Choosing a theme for your WordPress website is something you need to think about carefully. Several aspects play a role here. For example, the size of your business, the goals you have with the website and the budget you have available. Personal wishes regarding the website are also important in the final choice of theme. What colors do you want to recur, what should the navigation look like, and what font would you like to use? Also, you want a theme that fits well with the feeling you want to give visitors when they visit your site. There are several choices in terms of themes.

You can choose a free theme, a premium version or a custom theme.

Free theme

There many free WordPress themes are offered. Here are quite a few good themes among them that could work just fine. Particularly if you have a small, start-up business, it is attractive to choose a free theme. The big advantage is that they are free and you can use them right away start. The downside is that these themes are very standard and you can use them as company exudes. You don’t distinguish yourself from other entrepreneurs by being Opt for a free theme that anyone can use. In addition, you can of a free product do not expect it to be very stable and to be well supported. This, too, is a disadvantage.

Premium theme

Choosing a premium theme means that as a business you want to go for more security, stability, but also a little more flexibility. First, there is the assurance that you are running with a theme that is supported. You pay for a theme and then get something in return. Regular updates of the theme are available which will provide you with an even better and more secure version of your theme.

If you have a more complex environment when it comes to your website then stability is an important factor. For example, if many regular customers use your website then you don’t want any outages. Premium themes are constantly improved which also benefits stability. Third, premium themes often also offer the ability to create your own designs on your website. The big advantage of this is that if you work with a premium theme you not only get support, but you can also make your website distinctive. By designing a number of parts yourself in terms of colors and fonts, for example, you can easily make your website fit the company. By aligning this with, for example, the company’s letterhead and logo, you bring even more unity to this.

If you choose a premium theme, but find the piece of designing difficult, we can of course provide support in this.


If you really want to set yourself apart as a business, you can also choose to have a custom WordPress theme created. Many companies choose to do this because they do not want to be comparable to other companies. They never want to run the risk that there is another company that has chosen the exact same theme. And certainly not a company in the same industry. To avoid this, you can have a WordPress website customized. This allows you to specify exactly what your ideal WordPress website looks like on a blank sheet of paper. Consider the use of colors, pictures and specific fonts. Of course, navigation is a very important part of this. How do you want visitors to visit your website? What do you want them to do first? What should they be clicking on? Pure customization which you can have done by specialists. We are happy to advise you in this area. It is challenging and creative to think about the ideal website in this way. The advantage of a custom website is also that you can quickly modify something. Just a little bit of that banner in a different place. Yet a different color as a background. Or being able to quickly change promotions on the website. Speed and flexibility are two very big advantages of a custom website.

Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics allows you to constantly track the results of your website. This tool allows you to see all the statistics you need to assess whether the website is meeting your requirements and whether it is meeting its goals. Especially when combined with a customized website, this offers tremendous opportunities. This is because you can make changes to the website immediately. If it turns out that not many visitors are signing up for the newsletter, you can make this banner a little clearer. This programming is then in your own hands and an adjustment is then made in no time.

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