Use an existing plugin or develop it yourself

Afbeelding Use an existing plugin or develop it yourself

Develop an existing plugin or a plugin yourself; both options bring their own benefits. In order to make the best choice, you have to make a good list of your choice. Does an existing plugin then meet your needs? Then that is the best choice. Can’t find a suitable existing plugin? Then you better choose to have a plugin developed.

Existing plugins

Do you have specific wishes regarding a plugin? Then make sure that you list these wishes well. Based on this list of wishes, you can then look for a suitable plugin.

The extensive range of WordPress plugins can be viewed in two ways:

  • Via the backend of WordPress: if you are logged in to your WordPress website, you can click on ‘Plugin’ and ‘New Plugin’ on the left. Then you can look up the desired plugin or look for a suitable plugin.
  • Via Google: you can also search for an existing plugin via Google. Through Google you will come across an unprecedented number of search results, with which you may be able to find the right plugin.

Do you want to make this search as easy as possible for yourself? Then try to use as many English terms as possible. Most plugin developers use the English language, for example in their marketing. By searching in English, the chance is many times greater that you will find the desired plugin.

Do you come across an interesting plugin? Does that plugin only cost the necessary money? Then you can always choose to develop a plugin yourself. Use an existing plugin or develop a plugin yourself; it’s an important trade-off you have to make.

Developing plugins yourself

Can’t find an interesting plugin? Or do you have a good idea regarding a completely new plugin? Then you can of course develop this plugin yourself. Here you will need some supplies:

  • Enough time: you don’t develop a plugin in one evening. You really have to take the time for this and develop everything to perfection.
  • Knowledge: to develop a WordPress plugin you also need specific knowledge. This knowledge not only relates to programming, but also to safety, for example.
  • Testers: do you feel that you have developed the plugin perfectly? Then it is important that you have the plugin tested by several people. From these people you will undoubtedly get good feedback, with which you can make the plugin even better.

Do you have these three necessities? Then you can easily develop a WordPress plugin yourself. Don’t have these three necessities? Then you can also choose to have someone else develop a plugin. This obviously costs the necessary money, but you do get a lot of value for what you spend.

In any case, always have a plugin developed by a specialist. A specialist knows exactly what a good plugin must meet. Also in the field of security and speed, a specialist knows how the plugin can be optimized.


Using an existing plugin or developing a plugin yourself: what do you choose? Regardless of what your choice is (has been), you can call on us. We are happy to advise you on the right plugins, we solve problems with plugins and we are happy to set up your WordPress completely to your liking. Feel free to contact us for more information!

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