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Useful WordPress plugins include WP Rocket, Yoast, Gravity Forms and Advanced Custom Fields Pro. What the best WordPress plugins are for you, depends mainly on your wishes. With these four plugins mentioned, you can at least make every WordPress website even better.

WP Rocket

Did you know that Google nowadays looks very critically at the speed of your website? To optimize the speed of your website, all you have to do is install WP Rocket. This plugin then ensures that your website becomes a lot faster, among other things by working with caching.

Please note: WP Rocket is not a free plugin. These are some similar plugins, but they work a lot less. Therefore, dare to invest the money in the WP Rocket plugin; that’s where you’ll benefit the most in the long run.

Yoast SEO

Do you want to get high rankings in Google with your website? Then the Yoast SEO plugin comes in handy all too well. This plugin indicates per page how well the page can be found. This is indicated by scores, but also by balls in green, orange and red. If you have gotten all the dots in green, you have optimized your website perfectly.

Note: with the Yoast SEO plugin you can choose from two variants. You can go for a paid variant, but you can also opt for a free variant. If you have specific wishes, the paid variant is better. You can go in even more directions with that.

Gravity Forms

What is the purpose of your website? If we asked this question to many website owners, we would often get back the answer ‘scoring leads or customers’. To get this done, you should improve the conversion on your website. You can do that in a handy way with Gravity Forms. For the purpose of conversion, this is one of the best useful WordPress plugins.

With this plugin you can develop all kinds of forms and put them online. You can think of extensive forms including links, but also simple contact forms. This plugin is also not free, but it is certainly advisable to invest in this plugin.

Advanced Custom Fields Pro

Finally, Advanced Custom Fields Pro is also one of the best useful WordPress plugins. With this plugin you can expand the functionalities of your website in numerous ways. For example, it is possible to use all kinds of input fields, with which you can make your website entirely to your liking. Actually, you can see this plugin as an extension of the normal WordPress editor.

You don’t have to pay anything to install this plugin. If you want to use all functions, you should choose the paid variant.


You can choose from many WordPress plugins, but the above are, in our opinion, the best useful WordPress plugins of the moment. Are you experiencing problems with any of these plugins? Or is it not possible to install or set up the plugin? We are happy to assist you! We have a lot of knowledge of all useful WordPress plugins in-house, so we can absolutely help you.

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