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Run paid ads for your WordPress website; convenient or not? Yes, absolutely. By placing advertisements online in the right way, you attract more and more visitors to your website. There is a good chance that you will create the desired growth of your website / company.

Could it also go wrong with paid ads for your WordPress website? Yes, absolutely. If you use these ads the wrong way, these ads can grow into a bottomless pit. A pit in which you keep putting money, without eventually earning money with it. Therefore, let yourself be guided by a specialist, if you have little to no experience with creating and placing online advertisements.


There are two ways to attract visitors to your website. Firstly, this is possible by running paid advertisements. With these paid advertisements you undoubtedly attract a lot of visitors to your website, but you do pay an amount per visitor. Without realizing it, you may be able to spend quite a bit of money on this.

Another way is to attract organic visitors to your website. Organic visitors are visitors who end up on your website from Google. Those are valuable visitors, since they have deliberately ended up on your website. This is, for example, because they are looking for information or for a product. Moreover, you do not have to pay for these visitors.

But, how do you get these organic visitors? For this you should get started with SEO in a targeted way. By optimizing your website, your website will be assigned more value by Google. That means that your website ends up higher in the search engine, so that more visitors come to your website.

Run paid ads with Google Ads

Getting started with SEO is a must, even if you run paid ads as well. To attract even more visitors, you can also run paid advertisements. One of the options you have here is to go with Google Ads. This is Google’s advertising network, with which you can advertise your website in the search engine.

For example, do you sell sneakers? If someone searches for sneakers via Google, your ad will appear at the very top of the search results. Since many internet users are lazy, one of the first search results is often chosen. So there is a good chance that you will be able to attract a lot of visitors with the Google Ads.

If you want to advertise on the word ‘sneaker’, you have to come up with a big bag of money. Such advertising space is sold by Google at the main price. Our advice is to focus on keywords with a little less competition. For example, you can advertise on ‘Black Nike sneakers’. There is less volume on such a keyword, so you have to pay less money for the ads.

Advertisements on social media

Google Ads isn’t the only medium for running paid ads. You can also advertise on social media. You can advertise on basically all social media channels nowadays, since this is a great revenue model for the channel itself.

On Instagram and Facebook, among others, you can advertise in many ways. You can choose a sponsored post, but you can also place a ‘real’ ad on one of these channels. This is also the case on, for example, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest and Twitter.

Is it advisable to run a paid advertisement via social media? Yes, that is definitely recommended. Many people have an account on one of these channels, so you can reach a lot of people. To reach the right people, you’d need to create the right ads:

  • Target group: who exactly do you want to reach with the ad? Through the social media channels you can target this quite accurately. Ideal!
  • Goal: do you want to sell products with the advertisement? Or do you want to work on your brand awareness with the advertisement? Or do you mainly want to attract people to your website with the advertisement?
  • Which channel: also think carefully about the different channels. The right channel must fit your product/company, while the right target group must also be active on the channel.
  • Costs: advertising on social media can make a lot of money, but can also cost you a lot of money. The advice is therefore to set a maximum amount per day. If you don’t, it can grow into a bottomless pit.


Running a paid ad is interesting for several reasons. You easily reach a large audience, you reach the right people and you can convey numerous messages. In addition, you have the choice of multiple advertising options, as discussed above.

Would you like to get started with running paid advertisements? Our advice is to hire a specialist for this. If you are going to try it out yourself, there is a good chance that this will become a bottomless pit. Therefore, feel free to call in our services. We are happy to help you run paid advertisements for your WordPress website.

What we can do for you? We like to think along with you, we create the best advertisements, we set the advertisements correctly and we ensure the best possible results. This makes paid advertising even more interesting. Feel free to contact us to discuss all the possibilities.

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