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Would you like to measure the results of your marketing campaigns? If you have a WordPress website, it is advisable to use UTM codes. Fortunately, creating and deploying UTM codes is not higher mathematics, thanks to the step-by-step plan in this article.

Before we discuss how to create UTM codes, let’s take a look at these codes. Because, what exactly are UTM codes? You can actually think of this as a short tag that you place at the end of a URL. The moment someone clicks on this URL, the relevant tag is forwarded to Google Analytics. You can then use Google Analytics to see how visitors arrive at your website.

What does the abbreviation UTM stand for? It stands for Urchin Tracking Module. This definition already clearly indicates that the codes relate to tracking.


Are you currently busy with social media? Are you currently busy with paid advertising campaigns? Or are you busy attracting as many visitors as possible in other ways? The advice is to link a tag to the different campaigns.

On the basis of these tags you can get started with the tracking in a targeted manner. As indicated above, these tags are collected by Google Analytics. Based on this data, you can immediately see which campaign performs best. From that moment on, you can, for example, focus on that campaign. Or try to make other campaigns just as good.

In the field of tracking, the UTM tags are indispensable. You keep an eye on the results, you can make good comparisons and you can optimize the ads. Moreover, it is quite easy to create UTM codes, read more about them below.

To create a UTM code, you can use five parameters: campaign source, medium, term, name and content.

Step-by-step plan

Would you like to get started with the tracking of your advertisements and website? Then you should start creating UTM codes. To make this as easy as possible for you, we have drawn up two step-by-step plans.

Why have we worked out two step-by-step plans for you? Because you have two options to create the UTM codes. you can do this via Google Analytics, but you can also do this with a UTM tagging sheet.

With Google Analytics

  • Open the Campaign URL builder. This is a special tool that you will find in Google Analytics.
  • Now fill in the fields. You would have to enter the relevant URL, the source, the medium and the campaign name. The campaign name can ultimately be seen as the tag.
  • Based on this entered data, Google Analytics immediately creates a UTM code. You can then implement this code on your website.

Is it advisable to use Google Analytics? That’s the case if you don’t create too many UTM codes. If you do have to create a lot of UTM codes, it is better to choose the option below.

With a UTM tagging sheet

For some time now you have the possibility to create such a sheet via Google Sheets and Excel. You just have to download this sheet, after which you can fill in this sheet. In the sheet, the UTM code is then automatically completed. You can then implement this code in your website.

Tip: with a UTM tagging sheet, the URLs can get quite long. To shorten these URLs, you could, for example, use TinyURL or

If you want to create a lot of UTM codes, this is the best option you have. With such a UTM tagging sheet you can quickly create hundreds of UTM codes. That is not as easy if you would do it via Google Analytics.


To conclude this article about creating UTM codes, we have listed some conclusions for you:

  • UTM codes are indispensable nowadays. With these codes you measure the results of your campaigns, so you can optimize them. You also get a lot of information about where your visitors come from and how you can increase the conversion of your website.
  • Creating UTM codes is not higher mathematics. With both Google Analytics and with a UTM tagging sheet, it is not difficult to create UTM codes.

Are you unable to create your own UTM codes? Or would you like to outsource the creation of hundreds of UTM codes to a specialist? We are happy to assist you. We have already created thousands of UTM codes, so we are really familiar with this process. This brings two advantages for you: the UTM codes are created correctly and you do not have to worry about this yourself.

Do you want to know more about our services? Feel free to contact us to discuss all the possibilities. You can start a live chat, fill out a contact form or call 030 20 72 488.

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