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To be able to make changes to your website, you have to log in via WordPress. In principle, this is not that difficult, but it can be quite a task if you do not know how to do it. This article therefore clearly explains how to log in. You will also receive useful tips and tricks for when the standard way no longer works, or if you have forgotten your password.

Log in via WordPress admin page

If you have created an account for WordPress, you can log in by entering the following. Type in the domain name / URL of your website via the address bar and then add ‘/wp-admin’ behind it. You will then see a page where you can enter a username and a password. Then enter it. If you want to log in directly next time, you can check the option ‘Remember this data’. Once you have filled in all the details, you can click on the blue ‘Login’ button. You are now successfully logged in and automatically end up on the admin page of your WordPress website.

Login examples

If your website uses ‘’ as a domain name, you can enter ‘’ to access the WordPress login portal. At the top box, ‘Username or e-mail address’, you can logically enter your username or e-mail address. These are both linked to the website. You once chose or received your username yourself. This can simply be ‘Admin1’, but there are many more options possible. You can also choose to enter the e-mail address where you will receive all kinds of e-mails around the website. With the password you enter your own chosen password. Have you forgotten this one? Later in the article we will explain how you can still log in.

Admin Alternatives

In addition to the default URL to log in to your WordPress page, the ‘/wp-admin’, there are also other URLs in case the standard version does not work. The following options are available to get to the WordPress login portal:

This is the default URL

WordPress has built in a redirect through this page. This is an abbreviation of the default URL, but then takes you to the same page

This is also an alternative redirect that then takes you to the WordPress login page.

Log in via another page

In addition to the login ways for admins, there are also other options with which you can log in to your WordPress website. Below we briefly give you three ways you can do this.

Let members log in

If you have certain pages on your website that should only be available to certain visitors, you can use this option. You can set this up via WordPress itself. You go to the default settings via the gear icon. Then choose the tab ‘Document’ with the submenu ‘Status & visibility’.

You can adjust the visibility of the web page here. To make a page available only to password-protected visitors, choose Password Protected. Choose a password to your liking here. Members can then view the content on the page.

Log in faster with a different address’

To make the login process even easier, you can also enter a different address. We just gave the option ‘/admin’ that redirects you to the main page, but there are also other ways. This way you can give this page a name yourself, such as simply ‘/login’. This is not only easier to remember for yourself, but also keeps login attempts of possible criminals out of the door. Changing the login address is done via a plugin. This plugin, the WPS Hide Login plugin, makes the process a lot clearer and easier.

Forgot your password, what now?

Of course, it can always happen that you have forgotten your password and can no longer log in. Fortunately, there is an option to request your password again.

The option ‘Forgot password?’ will take you to a separate page, where you can enter your username or e-mail address. For example, a signal is sent to your account and you will receive a step-by-step plan in your mailbox to reset your password.

Then choose a new password that you can remember, but that is still strong and not too easy to guess. So do not choose your own name, the name of the website or the far too standard ‘Welkom123’, but something that is less easy to crack.

Forgot your username or e-mail?

To reset your password, you do need your username or email address. But what if you’ve forgotten it now? Fortunately, there is also an option for this. For this we will first look for your username. You can find this by searching for the email you received from WordPress when you created your account.

Don’t have this email anymore, or can’t find it? Then you can view the database and look for your username here. However, this can be tricky and cause problems, so first really pull your entire inbox upside down for the sign-up email. If it still doesn’t work out, back up your database to avoid making an irreparable mistake.

Then surf to and use the details of your hosting provider to log in. If this does not work, ask your hosting provider how you can find out your username. Then go to the URL of your website and click on PHPmyadmin. This can also be done by entering, although this does not work for all sites.

In PHPmyadmin, look for the list of wp_users, in which all usernames and e-mail addresses for the website are available. Look for your username here and use it to request your password again.

Secure login page

Online safety is becoming increasingly important. Of course, you do not want unwanted people to be able to log in via your admin page and then make annoying adjustments or retrieve personal data. With the Rublon plugin you add a so-called ‘two-factor authentication’.

Download the Rublon plugin and follow the steps that this plugin indicates to you. If you have installed it correctly, you can now log in more securely. After entering correct login details, you now have to scan a QR code via your own smartphone. So if people accidentally know your username, email and password, they will still not be able to log in.

To exclude your own computer from this, you can add it as a ‘trusted device’. You can then log in from your own computer by default without having to scan the QR code. Via other computers, such as unwanted guests, you can still not log in without scanning that QR code.

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