Emptying WordPress cache in steps

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When you are busy setting up your own website in WordPress, it goes without saying that you need to make some changes to your website from time to time. However, it may happen that after making changes to your website you do not see it change. Of course, you are not waiting for this. In this case, the problem may be related to the cache of your WordPress website. That is why you can read in this article how you can clear the cache of your WordPress website and how you can do this with the help of special plugins.

Caching from the cache ensures a fast website

Every time you visit a website for the first time, various data such as images, documents and texts from this website are temporarily stored in a storage place. This repository is called the ‘cache’. The cache stores various website data temporarily so that when you decide to visit a previously visited website again, all associated data can be retrieved immediately from the cache. Retrieving website data from the cache is called caching. Caching ensures that when you visit a website again, it can be loaded at lightning speed and you can use a fast-acting website.

Why you should clear the cache from time to time

Clearing the cache from time to time is more important than you might think at first glance. Regularly emptying your cache ensures that you are assured that you will see the latest version of all your visited websites. It is possible that a new version of a website is available, but that you cannot see it. This is because the website data, which belongs to the old version, is retrieved from the cache. By clearing the cache and visiting the website again, the website data of the new version of the website is stored in the cache.

Internet browsers with their own cache must be emptied

If you’re the only one who doesn’t see a change on your website after making changes, it’s time to clear your browser cache. Each internet browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox, have their own cache that you can manually empty via the settings. After you’ve cleared your browser’s cache, the changes you’ve made will become visible. However, if the changes still don’t become visible after emptying your browser cache, you should also clear your website’s cache.

Time to clear the cache of your WordPress website with a suitable plugin

When setting up your own website in WordPress, you often use various plugins to add various functions to your website. This way you also use special cache plug-ins. These plugins ensure that you can regularly clear the cache of your WordPress website, so that you always see the latest version of your WordPress website immediately. Of course there are several cache plugins that you can use in WordPress.

Easily clear your website’s cache with WP Super Cache

One of the most commonly used cache plugins for WordPress websites is WP Super Cache. With the help of this plugin you can easily clear the cache of your WordPress website, by going to the settings of your WordPress website. Here you will find the menu of the WP Super Cache plugin and by clicking on the tab “Easy” you can immediately choose the option “Delete cache” to empty the cache of your website.

W3 Total Cache clears your website’s cache at the touch of a button

Clearing the cache of your WordPress website can also be done quickly and easily with the free W3 Total Cache plugin. When you open the W3 Total Cache plug-in you can go directly to the “Dashboard” tab of the W3 Total Cache plug-in via the “Performance” menu. Here you will immediately find the button “Empty all caches”. With one click of this button, the cache of your WordPress website will immediately be emptied for you and you will be able to see the modified version of your website.

High quality of WP Rocket Cache for emptying your cache

To clear the cache of your WordPress website, many use the WP Rocket plugin. This plugin differs from the aforementioned plugins in that this plugin is not offered in the WordPress plugin library. This is a plugin of a somewhat higher quality than the plugins offered by WordPress and so you have to buy on the official sales website . After you have purchased this plugin you can install it in WordPress and it will appear on your dashboard in WordPress, so that you can use all the features for your WordPress website. By simply clicking on the plugin, the “Clear cache” button will immediately appear to clear the cache of your WordPress website.

Still no changes visible? Check the server cache!

If after applying the above solutions, you still don’t see any change on your WordPress website, it’s possible that the problem is with your website’s server. Since you cannot immediately change this yourself, it is advisable to contact your hosting provider. The hosting provider can then offer a number of options based on the problems you experience to solve these problems, so that you can bring your WordPress website back to the right state as soon as possible.

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