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When you have a website in WordPress, you want visitors to be able to reach you as easily as possible via email or phone. When you add a phone number, visitors will normally first have to copy this number overtypes. However, visitors can also call directly from your website. You do this by making the phone number clickable. Visitors can click on the phone number on their mobile and then call directly. The mobile phone will then immediately open the call function. You can also do this with an email address.

You can create a phone link using Elementor in WordPress or using html. Both ways are very easy. In Elementor you add the phone number in a text box. You then select this number and add a link. Often you place a link to a website here, but you can also place a telephone number there. It is important to place ‘Tel:’ in front of the phone number. When your phone number is 0612345678, you will receive tel:0612345678

Do you prefer to use html? Then you can also easily add a phone link. For this you use the same code as with Elementor. For example, your html code will look like this:

<a href=”tel: 0612345678 “>0612345678</a>

In the same way, you can also create a clickable email address. You then use the code ‘mailto:’. You simply enter your email address behind this. When visitors click on this, a new email message to this address will immediately be opened. Do you want visitors to be able to send an SMS immediately? Then use ‘sms:’ and add your phone number after that.

Don’t forget the country code!

When you expect visitors from abroad to want to call you, it is very important to add a country code. Each country has its own code that represents a telephone number. Only with this country code can people from abroad call directly from your website. In the Netherlands, the country code is +31 or 0031. So you put these numbers in front of your phone number and you remove the first 0 of your number. For example, your number will be: +31612345678.

It is important that you paste this number into the code of html or Elementor. If you don’t do this, people from abroad won’t be able to reach you. So always use your mobile number with country code in your contact details! This way, potential customers can call you directly from your website.


To ensure that your visitors call you directly from your website, you can add a clickable link with a simple code. Visitors can click on this code on their mobile phone and call directly. It is therefore no longer necessary to retype or copy the song. You make it a lot easier for visitors to reach you. Don’t forget to add your number with the correct country code so that people from abroad can also reach you.

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