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“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.” This is the beginning of the famous Lorem Ipsum text. But – where does this text come from? What was this text conceived for? And what can you gain from this text yourself? In this article we tell you everything about the Lorem Ipsum text.

The history of Lorem Ipsum

At the moment, the words ‘lorem ipsum dolor sit amet’ are most common on the world wide web. Many websites that are still under development are filled with this text. This is not only the case now, but has been the case for centuries.

Exactly how this text came about is not entirely unclear. There are several stories doing the rounds, of which not all stories are equally credible. The most believable story is that Lorem Ipsum tunes from a text by Cicero. He wrote a text in the first century AD entitled ‘De finibus bonorum et malorum’.

It is said that the Lorem Ipsum text is derived from this text. However, it is not the case that the Lorem Ipsum text is literally copied from the text of Cicero. That is also not possible, since Lorem Ipsum is not written in an official language.

If you read this text, you might think that this is a Latin text. However, nothing could be further from the truth; the words and sentence structure do indeed resemble Latin, but the text is certainly not officially Latin.

What immediately stands out at Loren Ipsum is the illegibility. It is a text of words that no one understands. The moment you are working on the layout of a website, that is very desirable. You can have a single text fragment displayed in multiple ways, where the reviewer can only look at the design. The text can also be read through, but that does not affect the opinion of the reviewer. After all, the assessor reads nothing more than individual words that are put in a certain order.

The main features of Lorem Ipsum

  • The text is written in a non-existent language. As we have already indicated above, this text is certainly not Latin.
  • The text is deliberately unreadable. This helps, for example, developers and designers to come up with a perfect layout or design. Also within WordPress, the text is frequently used to, for example, shape text boxes or widgets.
  • Lorem Ipsum is used by many people. Developers, designers, printers and typesetters all use the Lorem Ipsum text. This text is a perfect filler and therefore comes in very handy in many situations.
  • The Lorem Ipsum text is very long. In the introduction of this article we have placed the first sentence from the Lorem Ipsum text. That is just one of the many sentences of this text. With a Lorem Ipsum generator you can create the desired text length.

The use of the Lorem Ipsum text

Are you currently developing your own website? And do you want to get a clear impression of, for example, the layout of your homepage? Then make this layout completely to your liking and fill in the text boxes with Lorem Ipsum text.

By placing this text, you will enjoy the necessary advantages:

  • You get a clear impression of the complete layout. This applies not only to the different elements, but also to the text on the page. After all, the text is an important part of every page.
  • You do not judge the content of the text. If you have placed the Lorem Ipsum text parts on your website, you only look at the placement of the content. You judge whether the content is in the right place, is well aligned and easy to read. Because the text is unreadable, you do not judge the content of the text. You are therefore really concerned with only the placement and such of the text.

To use this text, you can use a Lorem Ipsum generator. Via such a generator you can create the Lorem Ipsum text, copy it and paste it on your website. After you have done that, you get a (very) clear impression of the content on your website. And with that of the entire layout of your website.

As we have already indicated above, Lorem Ipsum is also used by printers. Why? Because this text is particularly useful during the trial run of, for example, the printing of a book. The moment real text is used for this, the proof text may be used in the final printing. By using Lorem Ipsum, such an error is 100% excluded.

Would you like to use Lorem Ipsum? Then go to Google to look for a Lorem Ipsum generator. Make use of this generator and then paste the generated text into WordPress. Publish the page and immediately see if the page is to your liking. If this is not the case, you can make adjustments to the page. Because nothing changes to the content itself, you can quickly make the desired changes to the layout.

Tip: Do you create websites for other people or companies? Fill the website with the Lorem Ipsum text. The customer then immediately sees how the website will look and can easily add the right content later on.


Is it advisable to use Lorem Ipsum? Yes, absolutely. If you are developing a WordPress website, this text is indispensable in many cases. Could you use some help developing a WordPress website? We are happy to help you with this. Feel free to contact us to discuss all the possibilities. Also for questions regarding Lorem Ipsum you can of course contact us!

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