Mollie in WooCommerce WordPress with iDeal, PayPal & Klarna

Afbeelding Mollie in WooCommerce WordPress with iDeal, PayPal & Klarna

If you have a webshop via WordPress, you probably want to offer different payment methods. These are the ways in which customers can checkout. If you have a WooCommerce webshop in WordPress, you can use Mollie. Mollie is a payment provider that offers a number of payment methods. When you use Mollie, you pay a small amount to Mollie for each transaction. Installing Mollie for your webshop is very easy. Here the entire process is discussed step by step.

How do you activate Mollie for your WooCommerce webshop?

If you want to activate Mollie in your webshop, you will have to go through a number of steps.

Step 1: Create Mollie account

Before you can add Mollie to the webshop, you will first have to create a Mollie account. You can do this via mollie’s website. Here you first enter an email address and password. After that, you can activate the account.

To activate the account, you will need to enter a number of company details. These are, for example, the company name, the number of the Chamber of Commerce and the company form. Then comes the data from the stakeholders. These are the representatives or representatives who have a large share in the company. You will also need to fill in some details about the website itself. These are, for example, URL and the type of products you offer.

It is then important that you select the payment methods that you want to offer. These are the payment methods that customers can choose from when they go to checkout. Before you add a payment method, it is advisable to first read the information carefully. For example, here is described per payment method how long it takes before you receive the amount on your account.

To activate the Mollie account, you will have to upload an identity document and link your bank account. Mollie then has all the information about you that you can use Mollie on your webshop.

Step 2: Install Mollie in WordPress

As a second step, you want to install Mollie in WordPress. For this you will have to install a new plugin. You can do this via the dashboard in WordPress. Here you can go to the heading with ‘plugins’ where you can add a new plugin. You want to choose the plugin ‘Mollie payments for WooCommerce’. You can then install and activate this.

Step 3: Activate Mollie in WooCommerce

As a final step, you want to activate Mollie in the WooCommerce webshop. For this you will have to enter your API key. You can find this in your Mollie account under ‘developer’. Here you will see two API keys: a live key and a test key. With the test key you can first test a transaction. With the live API key, the transactions will actually come through.
You will then return to the WordPress dashboard. From here, you’ll go to the ‘payments’ option in WooCommerce. Here you can enter the API key. When you have saved this, Mollie is linked to WooCommerce.

Mollie payment methods

Mollie offers a large number of payment methods. You can choose which payment methods you want to add to your webshop. Here are all payment methods briefly explained.


When you choose payment methods, you will probably want to add iDeal. IDeal is the most used method to pay online in the Netherlands. With Ideal, customers can transfer money to the webshop via their own bank account. This payment method is very easy to use for customers because they only have to log in to their bank. This payment method is also very safe for the webshop and for the customer. The customer only transfers the agreed amount. When the customer confirms this, the payment can no longer be reversed. As a result, the webshop also immediately receives this amount.

Klarna Hotels

Klarna is a payment method that more and more people use. With Klarna, customers can pay afterwards or in instalments. Customers must already have a Klarna account. In this account, the customer can then make agreements about the payment term. Customers can choose to pay the amount afterwards, when the order has already been received. Customers can also choose to refund the amount in smaller pieces. The payment arrangements are fully arranged via Klarna. As a webshop, you do not have to do this.

Klarna guarantees webshops that they will always be paid immediately. A webshop always receives the payment on time. If customers do not keep to the agreements, Klarna will solve this. With Klarna you give the customer more freedom over the payment process, but you are always guaranteed that you will receive the amount.


PayPal is a payment method that is valid worldwide. Customers can link their bank account to PayPal. When they then pay via PayPal, it is immediately debited from their account. It is also possible to transfer an amount to the PayPal account and pay with it. For customers, PayPal is very useful because they only have to log in and then can pay immediately.

PayPal is also very safe. The customer and the seller are both protected by PayPal. For example, the customer can request a refund if he is not satisfied. If this is unjustified, the seller is also protected against this.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is Apple’s payment method. Thus, only Apple users can use this method. Apple users can add credit cards and other debit cards to their digital wallets. When they want to pay online, they choose the payment card and can pay directly with it.


Bancontact is the most used payment method in Belgium. If you expect many customers from Belgium, it is therefore wise to include this payment method. Bancontact is actually very similar to Ideal. Customers can transfer money directly from their bank account to the webshop via Bancontact. The webshop will receive the amount immediately.


Mastercard is a type of credit card. With a credit card, customers only need to fill in their card details to pay. Customers do not pay the amount with a credit card immediately, but usually get a bill at the end of the month. The money is advanced by the credit card company so that the webshop receives the amount immediately. Credit cards work worldwide.

Other payment methods

There are a number of other payment methods that you can choose from. For example, you have SEPA, where money can be transferred from any bank account in Europe. There are also a number of options for commonly used payment methods in other countries such as Germany, Austria and France.

Mollie Alternatives

Mollie is the most popular payment system for webshops. In addition to mollie, however, there are other payment systems that you can use. These payment systems usually work about the same. For example, you also have PayPro. This payment system offers various payment methods and offers a number of additional functions. For example, you will receive a number of tools with which you can optimize the webshop.
In addition, there is also Buckaroo. This payment system can also be used for sending invoices and payment requests. This system also works very useful when you use subscribers who pay a monthly fee.

Please contact our WordPress specialists in case you have more questions about the integration of Mollie in your webshop.

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