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The impact of the loading speed of your WordPress website is probably much bigger than you think. The page speed plays an important role in attracting, but especially retaining visitors. If people have to wait too long for your WordPress website to load, they will soon leave your website. In addition, Google also looks at the page speed as a ranking factor and your position in the search engine will plummet if this speed is too slow. This will cost your customers, and therefore also turnover.

Why make your website faster?

To find out if your WordPress website is fast enough, you can measure the speed through various online tools. Take a look at PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix. Enter the URL of your WordPress website, which will then be analyzed. In addition to the speed, the tool often also indicates which elements of your website cause the delay. This makes it immediately clear which parts of the website you can at least take care of.

Does your website remain slow?

If, after adjusting the slowing factors, you are still not satisfied with the speed of your WordPress website, then it is an idea to take other steps. Don’t forget the caching section! Are you curious what that means exactly? Then be sure to read on!

What is caching with WP Rocket?

Caching is the temporary storage of data and data. Copies are actually made of your WordPress website or application and these are then saved. On a subsequent visit, the computer does not need to download the data again. This makes your WordPress website less heavy and that in turn benefits your website speed.

Benefits of caching

Caching has many other benefits. For example, by means of caching, fewer MBs can be consumed by (mobile) visitors, your website is more resistant to high visitor peaks and it is good for search engine optimization.

Different types of caching

For websites, there are different types of caching. These are cache files that are stored in the browser, stored by the website or stored by the web server:

  1. Browser caching

    When you visit a website via a browser, the browser downloads all parts of the web page. Think of all images and files. If the page is visited again, these files do not have to be downloaded again and again. This speeds up the loading time of a website and reduces bandwidth consumption

  2. Website caching

    If a visitor comes to your WordPress page, the website can save a copy of that same page. If this page is viewed again, the page will not download everything again. In WordPress, there are many cache plugins available. This allows you to set up caching yourself. Later in this article we will tell you more about the WP Rocket cache plugin.

  3. Web server caching

    Sometimes it is possible to set the web server to store cache files. The principle is similar to a website cache, but a web server cache is faster. There are some disadvantages: you can not delete these cache files yourself and there are fewer options than with website caching. In addition, updates to your website are only visible when the cache age has expired. So keep that in mind, or opt for website caching.

Why use WP Rocket caching plugin?

Not all caching plugins are equally user-friendly. That is why we almost always recommend the WP Rocket caching plugin. This plugin gives good results and contains many features and features that other plugins do not have. For example, WP Rocket saves the pages before visitors view them. The result is that every visitor quickly sees a web page. In addition, all web pages are compressed and the plugin ensures that the fixed elements in a web page are not reloaded every time. WP Rocket even keeps your database clean and that also speeds up the WordPress website.

The downside of WP Rocket

The only ‘disadvantage‘ of this plugin, which we would of course like to draw your attention to, is the fact that the plugin is not completely free. But on the other hand, thanks to this good cache plugin, you do not have to rent a heavy server. And that in turn saves costs on the hosting. In addition, some hosting parties offer maintenance packages where the plugin is included.

WordPress Plugin WP Rocket

Zoals wij net al benoemd hebben is WP Rocket een betaalde plugin. Het is een plugin die je elk jaar moet verlengen. In principe sluit je een abonnement af op WP Rocket.

WP Rocket biedt drie pakketten aan:

  1. Single: 1 jaar support en updates voor €44,- en 1 website.
  2. Plus: 1 jaar support en updates voor €88,- en 3 websites.
  3. Infinite: 1 jaar support en updates voor €222,- en voor al jouw websites.

Need help? Get in touch!

If you run into problems while installing the plugin or you prefer not to do this installation yourself, let us help you! We can often act quickly in this area, so that your WordPress website has a faster loading time in no time. Contact us by starting a live chat or call us on 030 20 72 488. Our WordPress specialists are ready for you. Also check out our WordPress Maintenance Packages.

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