How do WordPress plugins work?

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Are you curious about how WordPress plugins work? The operation of these plugins can be called both simple and complex. As a user, the operation is simple, but the underlying technology is quite complex. In this article we would therefore like to give a detailed answer to the question ‘How do WordPress plugins work?’.

WordPress plugins

If you have a WordPress website, you can’t really ignore the plugins. With plugins you add functionalities to your website, make your website safer and make managing your website easier for yourself.

Tip: do not unnecessarily install many WordPress plugins on your website. The more plugins you add, the slower your website gets. It is therefore wise to use only the most important WordPress plugins. Are you curious about how WordPress plugins work? Then be sure to read our explanation below.

Functions.php explained

After you have installed WordPress on your website, the functions.php file is automatically created. From this file, all functions of your website are controlled. You can think of controlling widgets, controlling menus and controlling shortcodes.

However, with this file you can do much more. For example, it is also possible to disable or hide functionalities of your website via functions.php.

Would you like to add functionalities to your website? Then you can choose to make changes to your functions.php, but it is easier to install a WordPress plugin. After you have installed a plugin, the functionality it brings is automatically added to the functions.php file. That ensures that you can actually use the plugins.

Do you want to make adjustments to your functions.php file? Only do this if you have sufficient technological know-how. If you start experimenting with this file, the consequences can be very disadvantageous. That’s certainly the case if you don’t have a recent backup at your disposal. In any case, you can find this file by clicking on ‘View’ in the WordPress backend and then on ‘Theme editor’. On the right side, multiple php will appear. files, where you would have to click functions.php.

Installing plugins

Would you like to add new functionalities? Then it would be wise to look for suitable plugins. These are plugins that offer the desired functionalities, that are affordable and that do not come at the expense of the speed of your website.

How to find such a plugin? you can search for them via Google, but you can also search via the WordPress backend. To do this, click on ‘Plugins’ on the left and then on ‘Add new plugin’. You will then arrive at a page where you can find all WordPress plugins.

Have you found the desired plugin? Then you can download it directly. You do this with the push of a button, after which the plugin is downloaded into your WordPress backend. The plugin is not yet usable from that moment on. Before you can enjoy the functionalities, you must first activate the plugin.

Did you do that too? Then you will see the name of the plugin appear in the menu of WordPress. By clicking on the plugin, you can customize the plugin completely to your liking.

How do WordPress plugins work? These work largely automatically, but you can make changes. However, only do this if you have a good understanding of how to use plugins. If you have no knowledge of this, it is better to contact us. We are happy to install and set up the WordPress plugins as desired.

Tips for WordPress plugins:

  • Update the plugin regularly: If a plugin reports that an update is available, you should install the update as soon as possible. This keeps the plugins up to date and therefore you also keep your website safe.
  • Install only necessary plugins: with many plugins, the WordPress website automatically becomes a lot slower. Therefore, install and use only the WordPress plugins that you really need.
  • Do not mess with the functions.php file: as indicated above, the advice is not to mess with the functions.php file. If you make a crucial change to this file, your WordPress website may stop working altogether.


How do WordPress plugins work? These work immediately after you have installed and activated the plugin. In the background, the plugin is added to the functions.php file, adding to the functionality of your website.

Would you like to add WordPress plugins? Or do you want to make changes to the plugins? If you have no knowledge of this, it is best to contact us. We install, activate and set up the WordPress plugin completely to your liking. No WordPress plugin has a surprise for us.

To use our services, you can contact us. We can be reached on 030 20 72 488, but you can also start a live chat.

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