WordPress web design

Want to have a professional WordPress website developed? We are WordPress specialists in web design. Your website or WooCommerce webshop fully customized and tailored to your wishes. Small websites to advanced webshops with thousands of products. As WordPress experts, we work daily on web design, optimization and maintenance, especially for WordPress websites.

Benefits of WordPress

A good website not only has an attractive design, it must also be functional and responsive. If you have your website built by a WordPress expert, then at least you know that the following things have been taken into account:

All advantages at a glance

  • Well-functioning technical website;
  • Fast loading time;
  • Encourages visitors to take action;
  • Meets Google’s requirements;
  • Meets your wishes and those of your customers.

Have a WordPress website developed

WordPress is a user-friendly and powerful CMS. It is an ideal technical basis for websites and webshops. The software is accessible to everyone and the emphasis is on ease of use, security and performance. The functionalities in WordPress can be expanded through plugins and widgets. Think of adding a webshop or contact forms, but also to improve the search engine optimization and security of the website.

There are two types of WordPress websites to develop: a WordPress theme or a custom website. With a WordPress theme you use an already existing, but empty, website that can be filled with content. A custom website is specially developed according to your wishes, based on the company, product, market, objective and corporate identity. The appearance of the website is a unique design with a programmed theme.

WooCommerce webshop

WordPress and WooCommerce work together as the ideal combination to make a webshop with The plugin works with almost any theme and there are a lot of possibilities to expand. WooCommerce fits perfectly with the user-friendliness of WordPress. No matter how simple or advanced, almost anything is possible. Think of the incorporation of online payment methods, integration with parcel services and an optimal responsive user experience. A realization of a tailor-made webshop, aimed at search engine optimization and increasing conversion.

Webdesign, maintenance and optimization

WordPress develops very quickly and a website is therefore never finished. After designing and building your website or webshop, you are not ready yet. It is important to regularly invest time in maintenance, optimization and findability. Your company depends on this. Without optimization and a marketing strategy, you’ll get no visitors. And without visitors, you’ll get no turnover.

Do you want to be sure of a safe, fast and up-to-date WordPress website? Then stop wasting your precious time and outsource the maintenance of your website. WordPress experts not only help you with web design, but also with performing updates, improving the security of your website, loading time of web pages and the positions in Google. Working together for optimal results of your successful business.

Request a webdesign quotation

We create WordPress websites from A to Z with specialists in web design, development, optimization and maintenance. Do you want to have a website or webshop made? Feel free to contact us for a quote and the possibilities.

Why choose a WordPress web design?

WordPress is a free CMS, safe to use, user-friendly and easy to expand with an endless amount of functionalities and designs.

Custom WordPress websites, is that possible?

We make custom WordPress websites, completely customized and tailored to your wishes.

Can you help me with a new website?

Yes, we create new websites or can renew your current website with a design that meets all wishes and technical requirements.

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