UX and UI design the differences

Afbeelding UX and UI design the differences

User Experience design and User Interface design may be very similar. These two principles are also often used together when talking about web design. Nevertheless, there are important differences between the two. UX and UI both have their own specialties which are very important. It is important to remember that they can not do without each other. To create the best web experience you will need both UX and UI. All the ins and outs can be read here!

What is UX design?

UX is an abbreviation of User Experience. This is also about the user experience. UX design is all about designing the best user experience on a website, platform or application. The user experience on a platform is very important. If there is a good user experience, the needs of the user are also fulfilled.

However, UX design isn’t just about the look of a platform; it’s about the whole experience of the user. UX design therefore happens more behind the scenes. For example, it is first considered what the wishes of a user could be. These are then linked to the goals of the website. We think about what the user wants to achieve with the interaction. This is then responded to. A design is made in which the interaction between the user and the platform runs as smoothly as possible. For example, the user must be able to easily find all the information he needs. A good structure is therefore one of the most important points in UX design.

What does a User Experience designer do?

A User Experience designer is concerned with designing and executing the best User Experience on a platform. A UX designer is therefore mainly concerned with the overarching whole and the structure. A UX designer will first analyze a platform and identify the bottlenecks based on the goals of the company or brand. After that, a new strategy will be devised with which the user experience is optimized. This plan will therefore really have to be implemented and tested. A UX designer works closely with UI designers and graphic designers.

What is UI design?

User Interface design is all about the interface of a platform. The interface is what the user sees and interacts with. The interface is very important because it immediately creates an impression of the company or brand. A good interface can therefore make the difference between a potential customer and an actual customer.

User Interface design therefore takes place much more in the foreground. We look for the best look for a platform. The purpose of this is to create the best user experience so that users stay on the platform longer. Ultimately, this can lead to more conversions and customers. UI design therefore mainly focuses on the design and the details.

What does a User Interface designer do?

A User Interface designer is responsible for a user-friendly interface of a platform. A UI designer will first have to determine the goals of the company and the wishes of the users. These goals will then be converted into a design for the interface. A User Interface designer is also responsible for executing these designs. For example, a UI designer will also test which type of designs are most effective and then implement them on the platform.

UX + UI = UI + UX

The differences between UX and UI are now clear. User experience optimizes the user experience through broader strategies and structures. User interface optimizes the user experience by designing an interface that users have a direct interaction with. Although these principles differ from each other, they cannot exist separately from each other. UX needs UI to bring the good strategies and ideas to life. UI also needs UX to create a good basis that the design responds to. Together, UI and UX at least ensure an optimal user experience on different types of platforms.

Hire UX and UI designer

User Experience and User Interface are relevant for every company. It ensures that users have a better interaction with a platform or a product. This can have several positive effects, based on your goals. For example, it can lead to more conversions or more positive brand attitudes.

Hiring UX and UI designers is therefore very smart. They are trained to determine the bottlenecks regarding UX and to come up with an appropriate strategy. This is very difficult to do yourself if you have little knowledge of this. The results of a good user experience are also huge!

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