Review: Beaver Builder

Afbeelding Review: Beaver Builder

With Beaver Builder you can quickly and easily create your own WordPress website. With this page builder you can make your website completely to your liking, create the desired look and add the desired elements. The convenience stands out, but the many possibilities are also an important plus. All in all, Beaver Builder is one of the best page builders of the moment!

Would you like to know more about this handy page builder? Are you curious about what you can do with this page builder? And would you like to know more about all the advantages and disadvantages of Beaver Builder? In this Beaver Builder review we would like to tell you all about this!

The Beaver Builder is a page builder

Are you interested in creating your own website? One of the best choices you can make for that is to make use of WordPress. With WordPress you can quickly create your own website, after which you can also easily edit, adjust and supplement it.

With Beaver Builder you make building your website as easy as possible. This is a page builder with which you can effortlessly make all pages to your liking. This plugin is frequently used for sales pages, for the homepage and landing pages.

To make these pages to your liking, Beaver Builder comes in handy. You can set all the elements on this page entirely to your liking. You use one of the many templates or a WordPress theme. Then you can add all kinds of elements to the page. You can choose from, among other things, a Header, a Video, a Gallery, an Image, a Divider and an Audio File.

In this plugin you work with modules, columns and rows. For example, you are able to divide your page into 2 or 3 columns. Then you can determine all kinds of settings per row, per module and per column as desired.

Do you want to know what the adjustments made look like? That is also possible with this page builder. This is a so-called front end builder; the changes you make are immediately visible. This allows you to immediately make the decisions for yourself.

Finally, we would like to point out the many Tools within Beaver Builder. With these tools you can, for example, save a template, duplicate the layout or adjust general settings. You can also fall back on previous variants of the created page via this menu item.

The benefits of Beaver Builder

Is it advisable to get started with Beaver Builder? That depends on your preferences! As far as we are concerned, this is certainly an interesting page builder, but you can choose between a lot of interesting page builders.

We are happy to help you make the right one. We do this by discussing the main advantages and disadvantages of Beaver Builder below. We kick off by naming all the benefits.

Choice of two variants

At Beaver Builder you can choose from two variants: a paid variant and a free variant. The free variant can be used via, but is anything but extensive. Partly for this reason, we advise you to always choose the paid variant of Beaver Builder.

The fact that you have this choice appeals to us in any case. If you do not yet know whether Beaver Builder is something for you, we recommend the free variant.

Many possibilities

With Beaver Builder you can go in all directions. You can choose from many templates, you can create all possible pages to your liking and you can choose from many functionalities.

You can make every page entirely to your liking, every page can be adjusted to your liking and each page can be cast in your own house style.

Easy to use

Beaver Builder is one of the easiest page builders as far as we are concerned. As soon as you open this plugin, you will immediately see the most important possibilities emerge. Thanks to these possibilities, you can create the page directly to your liking.

Installing and setting up Beaver Builder is also a piece of cake. This is due to the plugin itself, but also to the popularity of the plugin. Because, this plugin is so popular, you will find many useful guides on the world wide web. With these guides (and videos) you will learn even more about this plugin.

Integrate WordPress widgets

Did you create a beautiful layout with Beaver Builder? Then it is possible to integrate WordPress widgets into this layout. Compared to Elementor, this is an important advantage; at Elementor you can not use the standard WordPress widgets.

The disadvantages of Beaver Builder

Are we 100% happy with Beaver Builder? No, that is not the case. The moment we use this plugin, we structurally run into some disadvantages. We would like to tell you a little more about the main disadvantages below.

Relatively pricey

Do you opt for the paid version of Beaver Builder? Then you have to dig relatively deep into the pouch. Compared to other page builders, this is simply one of the more expensive variants.

Less extensive

Are you hesitating between Elementor and Beaver Builder? If you want to go for the most comprehensive plugin, Beaver Builder isn’t the best option for you. At Elementor you can choose from more than 300 layouts, while at Beaver Builder this is ‘only’ 50.

In addition, you will find 80 elements in Elementor and 31 elements in Beaver Builder. Compared to Elementor, Beaver Builder is not super extensive. If you have no experience with a page builder, however, that is an advantage. You can therefore master Beaver Builder faster!


At the bottom of the line we are enthusiastic about Beaver Builder. Does that also apply to you? Then we advise you to get started with this page builder immediately. Can’t quite figure it out? Do you run into problems? Or are you unable to make the pages to your liking? Then you can come to us! We will solve all problems related to Beaver Builder for you.

Are you interested in our services? Feel free to contact us, share your wishes and we will be happy to take action for you. This page builder has no secrets for us anymore!

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